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Maintaining A Garage Door Opener

In order to make sure that your garage door opener is operating perfectly, it is important to carry out certain test every month in order to make sure that maintenance is done when it is required. Manuals can be extremely helpful in such a case as they outline ways in which you can maintain them.

The first test is the reversal test. Check to make sure that your garage door has a reversing system installed. If not, get it installed in order to get more protection as this form of protection is required by the law. The manufacturer of the garage door can be contacted for additional help on this matter. In order to carry out the test, make sure that the garage door is properly balanced. If it is, then open the door completely and place a one-inch thick piece of wood in the center on the floor. Then close your garage door. If your garage door hits the piece of wood, it should begin to reverse. If the door doesn’t reverse, then have the door or the opener replaced or repaired, if need be.

The second test is the force setting test. This test is to determine how forcefully the garage door closes and how strong the force setting on the opener is. While the garage door is closing, hold the bottom of the door with some force. If it does not reverse, this means the force setting is high and needs to be adjusted. Owner’s manuals can help to make the adjustment.

The third step to ensure safety and maintenance is by ensuring that additional safety devices have been installed. Edge sensors or photo eyes can be installed to prevent being trapped in the garage. They should also be tested and maintained so that they work properly.

By carrying out these monthly maintenance tests, the garage system can work efficiently and these tests can prevent untoward accidents from occurring.

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