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Measuring Garage Doors Accurately and Safely

Garage doors should be weighed occasionally. They might need to be weighed in order to determine the strength of the springs in the garage doors. There is a proper and safe method in which they should be measured and should be done as follows.

The first thing that should be done is that the opener arm of the garage should be removed. The drawbar carriage should also be taken care of and that can be done by unlocking its trolley. If the opener arm is not removed, it can not only lead to a false weight, it can also inflict damage on the door and the opener itself.

If any of your door springs are broken at this time, it would be ideal to fix the cables at this time. A pipe wrench or a winding bar should be used to open the garage door. As soon as this is done, an analogue scale should be pushed under the door, at the center, with a wooden board on top of it. Lower the door and a reading should automatically appear. If you have a heavier garage door, then two scales will have to be used and they should be placed near both the ends of the door. If springs are broken, then shake the door so that the cables come loose as a result of which the door is able to rest on the wooden board.

In order to get an accurate reading, you need to make sure that all the weight of the door is being rested on the scale. For best results, make sure that all the cables are loose so an accurate reading is displayed. If the scale being used is not decipherable from afar, make sure you have a second person with you to record the readings.

In order to remove the scale from the door, pull with the pipe wrench or the winding bar so that the cables become taut again and the door is easy to lift. Following these steps can ensure a safe and accurate reading of the weight of the garage door.


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