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Lubricating Your Garage Door Made Easy

Have you ever put lubrication on your own garage door? Yes, it’s possible! You don’t have to call in the experts and spend money just to have your garage door lubricated because you can actually do it yourself.

You will require the following materials for the job: some rags, a ladder, graphite dust, and some silicone or white-lithium spray lubricant.

  • Safety

Before you can start with the task of putting lubrication in your garage door, make sure that you consider your safety first. That means that you would have to close the door and deactivate the power supply of your automated garage door. Avoid getting into accidents by fooling around with a garage door that might open or close at any moment.


  • Clean The Parts Of Your Garage Door

Lubrication will work best if the mechanical parts of your garage door are free of dirt, grime, rust, and dust. Using some warm water and soap, gently remove all these dirt. Scrub the parts gently with a piece of rag.


  • Lubricating the Springs

The springs of your garage door are very delicate and it is dangerous to touch it with your bare hands. You can apply lubrication to the springs by spraying in the lubrication and it will naturally work its way around it during every garage door cycle.


  • Lubricating the Roller Tracks and Wheels

Applying lubrication to the tracks and wheels will depend on the manufacturer of the garage door. In this case, consult with the manufacturer and inquire whether oil can be used for the garage door parts or not. Some roller tracks and wheels do not work well with oil and may have a tendency to produce clumps.


  • Lubricating The Hinges And The Drive Shaft

Put a few drops of lubricant on the hinges and the drive shaft. These parts of the garage door are often the ones that work the most so both parts will definitely need the lubrication.


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